t might be a good idea to choose a well trained and experienced Gestalttherapist Msc, coach (ICF) or consultant to be your support or guide in the changing process.


My aim is to work with awareness, mindfulness and sustainable development both on the personal, social and the economical level.


My customers has been and are through more than twenty years companies, organisations and private individuals.


In dialogue with you I design a proposal for how to reach the goals you want to manifest in your private life or in your business life. I work in a goal oriented way that is very focused and responds to your personal circumstances.


When I work with organisations I often include other professional consultants in order to be able to offer the best way to successful results and happy customers.



For personal contact call or send an email to Birgit Off, MSc.


Founder of Awareness & Mindfulness Academy (AMA).


Cell phone: +46 (0)70-716 82 18


Office number: +46 (0)8 34 45 20 birgit.off@telia.com





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